Night Service

What do church and techno have in common?

What is it that we go looking for in a mass in church?
How does it differ from going to a techno club?

I created a vestment, like that of a priest, for a religious cult that celebrates techno. It accentuates the upwards movement of the hands in dance. This movement represents a moment of ecstatic energy, a breaking through one’s personal barriers. Its shape and colour lean heavily on that of the “pellegrina”, a cape worn by catholic clergy. During a moment of ecstatic dancing, two orange coloured, “stola-like” pieces of cloth become visible.

It is a performative object made for a priest-like figure to show to the crowd that he/she is experiencing a state of trance.

The second object is a rosary. One bead represents one prayer. The user is supposed to enter into a state of trance through a cyclical repetition of prayer. Similarly, techno music uses repetitiveness to transport the listener into a state of trance. One bead is represents one beat. 

Spiritual outfit, photography / 2019
Al Limite project at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
photography in collaboration with Maria Calzolari
supervised by Pietro Corraini and Emanuela De Cecco